Concert 2018

Our third concert, Liedersträusse took place on Saturday, August 25, 2018 at St. Margaret's Episcopal Church in Bellevue, WA. Below you will find links to photos, programs, and samples from the concert.

(Background: “Vase with Flowers” by Rachel Ruysch)

For our 3rd season, we leapt closer to modern times by exploring the a cappella music of Johannes Brahms. Brahms wrote many sacred and secular works, and grouped them into collections that he referred to as Liedersträusse, or “song bouquets”.

Many times, short individual works from these collections are extracted and performed on their own, but Brahms railed against this practice. To honor his wishes, we chose to perform three of these Liedersträusse in their entierty.

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Concert Program

Program notes © 2018, Gary D. Cannon. Click to download the full program as a PDF.

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Conductor & Coach

Liedersträusse was coached and conducted by Gary D. Cannon. Gary serves as Artistic Director for the Emerald Ensemble, the Cascadian Chorale, and the Vashon Island Chorale.

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Our 2018 participants (left-to-right): Gary Cannon, Abigail Rausch, Christopher Kruse, Gail Erickson, Rick Commo, Elisabeth Baeskens, Aaron Giles, Doug Wyatt, Heather Irwin, John La Fond, Kathy Rausch, Jeremy Kings, Vera Giles, Sam Hauer, Dawn Fosse Cook, Trevor Tsang, and (not pictured) Samuel Rausch.

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Concert Videos

Below are some videos of a few works from our 2018 concert: You can also view the full concert via this YouTube playlist.

Darthulas Grabesgesang (Op. 42, No. 3) by Johannes Brahms

Von alten Liebesliedern (Op. 62, No. 2) by Johannes Brahms

Waldesnacht (Op. 62, No. 3) by Johannes Brahms

Es ist das Heil uns kommen her (Op. 29, No. 1) by Johannes Brahms

In stiller Nacht by Johannes Brahms

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Photography by Philip D. Lanum
The Fell Types are digitally reproduced by Igino Marini.