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Concert 2016

Our inaugural concert, Revolutionary Musick: Choral Anthems of the American Revolution took place on Saturday, August 27, 2016 at St. Margaret's Episcopal Church in Bellevue, WA. Below you will find links to photos, programs, and samples from the concert.

(Background: “Mount Vernon” by Jennie Bellows Millard, under license from

The music selections in Revolutionary Musick included a number of works from William Billings, plus songs from his contemporaries including Abraham Wood, Stephen Jenks, Daniel Belknap, Supply Belcher, and Elisha West.

Program notes © 2016, Aaron Giles. Click to download the full program as a PDF.

All of the scores used for this concert were transcribed from original sources by Aaron Giles. If you are interested in seeing or using them, they are available online for free use.

Revolutionary Musick was coached and conducted by Laurie Betts Hughes.

Our 2016 participants (left-to-right): Abigail Rausch, Zeke Chin, Vera Giles, Chris Fraley, Kathy Rausch, Rick Commo, Aaron Giles, Barb Erickson, Gail Erickson, John La Fond, Dawn Fosse Cook, Doug Wyatt, and Heather Irwin.

Below are some videos of a few works from our 2016 concert:

Modern Musick by William Billings

Africa by William Billings

Lamentation Over Boston by William Billings

Mount Vernon Hymn by Stephen Jenks

Evening Hymn by Elisha West

As the Hart Panteth by William Billings

Photography by Philip D. Lanum
The Fell Types are digitally reproduced by Igino Marini.