We are a mixed chamber group of community choir singers skipping out for a month during the summer to explore new genres and experience small ensemble a cappella singing.

2019 Season

For our 4th season, we will be heading back to the early 17th century to sing some English madrigals. But not the jolly, fa-la-la-la-la style of madgrial, oh no! We will instead be exploring a mixture of sacred laments (“sadrigals”?) and more expository works.

Sad sack noble Sir William Leighton published The Teares and Lamentatacions of a Sorrowfull Soule in 1614, featuring 55 of his woe-is-me poems set by 21 different well-known composers of the day, including William Byrd, John Wilbye, John Ward, Thomas Weelkes, Orlando Gibbons, and Francis Pilkington.

Our program this year will showcase a number of these works, placed alongside other works—both famous and obscure—by the same composers that reference faraway lands and legendary figures from mythology.

Legends, Lands, & Laments

Saturday 24 August 2019  7:30pm

St. Margaret's Episcopal Church
4228 Factoria Blvd. SE, Bellevue, WA
free admission & air conditioning

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Past Concerts

Summer Fling Singers was founded in 2016, and has performed concerts yearly since then. Click below for information on our past events:

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How It Works

Each year, Summer Fling Singers chooses a different style or composer of a cappella music to focus upon. Once decided, a local director—ideally one with extensive experience in our chosen genre—is selected to coach us through the repertoire and conduct us.

An initial reading session is held in late June or early July, followed by 6 rehearsals spread over the last three full weeks of August. Our one and only concert is typically held the weekend prior to Labor Day weekend. Concert dress is “Aloha” shirts or floral print dresses, because no one should have to wear black in the summer.

Singers are selected through invitation and referral, mostly being drawn from local community chorales. We try to aim for at most 16 singers each season (four per section), unless the repertoire demands more. Are you interested in singing with us in the future?

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About Us

Summer Fling Singers is based out of Issaquah, WA. Our rehearsals and our concerts are generously hosted at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church in Bellevue, WA. We are a member of the Greater Seattle Choral Consortium.

As of April 2019, Summer Fling Singers is happy to announce that we a federal 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations to the choir are tax-deductible. Use the buttons to the left to donate to us via PayPal.

Our currently serving board members are Aaron Giles (President), Doug Wyatt (Vice President), Heather Irwin (Treasurer), Rick Commo (Secretary), Kathy Rausch, and Vera Giles.

Summer Fling Singers was founded in 2016 by by Aaron Giles, an Issaquah-based tenor who sings in the Seattle Bach Choir, the Vicars of Christ Church Compline Choir, as well as the regular St. Margaret's Sunday choir.

Aaron also serves as a member of the board of both the Greater Seattle Choral Consortium and the Seattle Bach Choir.

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Photography by Philip D. Lanum
The Fell Types are digitally reproduced by Igino Marini. www.iginomarini.com